Success Stories

These TITLE Boxing Club KNOCKOUTS share their boxing and kickboxing weight loss success stories. At TITLE Boxing Club, success is GUARANTEED.

Lost 50lbs in 8 Months

Allison Lost 50 pounds and 4 Dress Sizes in 8 Months. Alison heard the radio commercials, saw a magazine ad and finally decided to try the POWER HOUR at the... more

Lost 6lbs in a Month

In a way, TITLE Boxing Club found Kelly. After it opened a few blocks from her home, she couldn't help but drive by it every day. Finally, after driving by... more

The Boxing Bridesmaid

What does a girl with 10 weddings looming in 2008, three of which she will walk down the aisle as a Bridesmaid (in May no less), do to prepare? more

I Love It, I Totally Believe In It

Want to do something totally different from your regular workout? One local radio station account executive discovered TITLE Boxing Club is the perfect combination for a total body and mind... more

I Lowered My Blood Pressure

Mike hates to exercise. After being on blood pressure medicine for two years, he thought that something needed to change. That's when he heard about TITLE Boxing Club... more

What I Was Looking For

She may be just a 115-pound, petite blonde, but Pamela packs quite a punch. The eight year kickboxing veteran has been hooked (literally) on the sport since she wanted to... more

I Lost 30 lbs

Duane began working out in the eighth grade, power lifting throughout high school. Then he got some bad news. Duane contracted spinal meningitis, falling into a comma... more

Addicted to TITLE Boxing Club

Shannon is addicted... to TITLE Boxing Club. The brown belt in karate said she has fallen in love with TITLE Boxing Club and really enjoys her time there. She signed up... more

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